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This site is dedicated to those knowledge hungry pals who not only gather the pile of knowledge to crack an examination and lead a peaceful as well as bored life but also continued the seek for more and more knowledge….

Now a day it is not the bunch of certificates which bring you a job, it merely gives you the opportunity to fill up a form and also gives you 2-3 hours in an AC hall to think that ‘You worth less than a penny’. It is not what we want after 2-3 examinations. So we have to prepare. We have to prepare up to that level where we can say 2 hours is excessive time for this exam… Joking apart…Now come to the core points. As a general graduate one can compete each and every well-known examination across India. As par his dedication and ability one can apply for IAS other can CHSL or something like that. Examination does not matter, preparation level and dedication is the only thing which can distinguish you from others. So first know yourself, try to find out what is the satisfactory grade pay for you. If you decide that we can lead you the path. But please be honest…. If you are an engineering student, you can give more exam than a general graduate but you have to know more… we think it is not a problem coz’ – Engineers know everything… It is very common that about 80-90 lakhs participate in an CBT test…but only thousands get selected. So you have to focus your position below 100 then you can only be in the final list. The main theme of examination is Beat the rush, improve your odds! …then the final smile is yours… This site contains lucid topic about current affairs, general knowledge, current debate topics, interview question, latest IBPS question and much much more…. This site update daily…not only daily but hourly…topic is current and fresh…. Helpful tips for SSC, PSC, FCI, IBPS, IAS, IES, IFS students. Anyone want to help our site may contact us…We will answer his/her quarry in no time. Any negative/ positive feedback is always warmly welcome… Stay connected and stay tuned…..Happy learning..